Script Block



(inner) Kitsi

Instance of the Kitsunei WebSDK. Please visit the SDK Reference page to read about the methods you can use.
NOTE: This is an instance, not the actual SDK constructor.


(inner) createOutput(name) → {module:Script.Output}

Creates a custom output that can be used to send data to Widgets.
nameStringA custom name for the output. This name will appear as a data source when using widgets.
var myOutput = createOutput('myCustomOutput');

(inner) getChildren(nameopt) → {Object|Array}

If called without an argument, it returns an Array that contains a list of all children currently attached to the block. If an argument is passed it returns an object that represents the requested child block.
The name of the child block to get
// Get all blocks
var listOfBlocks = getChildren();
listOfBlocks[0].actions.doSomething();  // Assumes the block has an action 'doSomething'

// Get a specific block
var myBlock = getChildren('Logic_1');

Type Definitions

console :Object

Prints data to the console panel. To make the panel visible, click on the 'Console' button from the top of the window. Formatting options include:
% — yields a literal % character
b — yields an integer as a binary number
c — yields an integer as the character with that ASCII value
d or i — yields an integer as a signed decimal number
e — yields a float using scientific notation
u — yields an integer as an unsigned decimal number
f — yields a float as is; Use a . (dot) followed by a number to specify the precision
g — Same as f but the number after the . (dot) specifies the number of significant digits. 
    When used on a string, it causes the result to be truncated.
o — yields an integer as an octal number
s — yields a string as is
t — yields true or false
T — yields the type of the argument1
v — yields the primitive value of the specified argument
x — yields an integer as a hexadecimal number (lower-case)
X — yields an integer as a hexadecimal number (upper-case)
j — yields a JavaScript object or array as a JSON encoded string
logfunctionStandard log format
infofunctionBlue text
errorfunctionRed text
warnfunctionYellow text
console.log("Simple output");
console.log("With format: [%s]", "inside brackets!");"A number: %d", 32);
console.warn("Something bad will happen!");
console.error("Something bad just happened :(");

Output :Object

sendfunctionFeeds the output. Any widget using this output as a data source will receive data.

BlockTypes :Object

Access to the WebSDK's BlockType object. From here you can access all the block serials.
var tempSerial = BlockTypes.Temperature;     // 105